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Croatia is our most popular destination for summer holidays . A private accommodation PROMAJNA TOURS is our most popular accommodation in Croatia. Croatia but you can leave when you provide privacy not only in terms of private accommodation, but also because it is a country where there is still plenty of places that have not been hit by massive tourism industry . Places where you can find plenty of peace and privacy, where you will spend your holiday on crowded beaches. In particular, on the islands of Croatia is such a remote corner you can find. Area, where there is a private hotel on the beach that can only belong to you!

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Promajna – sunny and undiscovered

Promajna – sunny and undiscovered

How to decide between natural resources, quality of accommodation, health, food, entertainment, safety, culture, history and everything else that is part of your travel and your holiday?

It would be best if the chosen location offers something from all this. Promajna offers all of the above and much more (town near Makarska accommodation).

Like undiscovered and unspoiled destination, yet kept its charm of a small coastal town with untouched nature.

Promajna provides a visual attraction for everyone’s eyes, because it is hard to see so much wealth of natural forms in such a small area (mountain, sea, nature, etc.).

Countless islands, for what is Dalmatian coast famous for, lie scattered in the face of Promajna like pearls on its south and west.

The space passed and lasted countless peoples and civilizations (Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, Croatians, Byzantines, Venetians and others).

Transparent and warm waters combined with the sun is always the main feature of this place. This part of the Dalmatian coast is rich with sunny days and is known as one of the sunniest places in Europe.

Place in recent years has received several awards for its tourism characteristics (like: “Blue Flower”).

Promajna Town

Promajna Tours

By building awareness of their own natural resources and the potential that such a sensing region offers in terms of tourism, the inhabitants of Promajna invested all of their financial capabilities to build high-quality accommodation facilities (apartments Makarska Riviera) to match the quality of the environment.

In addition, Promajna also has all the necessary service facilities for a quality vacation and life functioning (post office, travel agency Tours Promajna, exchange offices, shops, restaurants, night bar, souvenir shops, etc …).

Also nearby are other tourist towns like city of Dubrovnik, Split, Omiš, Hvar,

Promajna, finally, emphasizes the totality of its offer which contains and binds everything that we mentioned at the beginning (natural resources, quality accommodation, healthy food, entertainment, cleanliness, history, safety, cultural content, etc.).

Promajna is a small, glossy tourist pearl which is yet to discover.

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of the Promajna, the simplest and highest quality role in seeking accommodation facilities in Promajna, offers you a travel agency Tours Promajna Hr. Find you accommodation Promajna with us.